Hi Beauties! I am Charissa Zoe Valentine, a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger and influencer. I love creating, playing dress up and living my best fabulous life.

I specialize in beauty and fashion because it’s rewarding for me to see people happy and confident.

We’ve all heard the phrase before, “When you look good you feel good!” I started my Beauty service because when I put on my makeup, I feel more confident and ready to take on anything. I want others to experience that same energy of empowerment!

I want to teach you all the necessary skills to do your makeup and curate a wardrobe specific to your personality and body shape. I want to help you emphasize your beauty in all its glory. Booking even a consultation with me will change your whole view on what it takes to be fabulous!

You’ll be so empowered you’ll want to do it for yourself even after my work is done. Listen! We all have the ability to look like bombshells! Makeup and fashion isn’t for one person or just influencers. Anyone can go to any beauty store or shopping plaza and start their confidence journey! Wait no more! 

Stop hesitating and just make the investment in yourself.

Choose me to be your beauty guide or wardrobe connoisseur! I can’t wait to walk with you on your beauty & style journey! 

Ready? Book a session!