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The main difference between a rich vs poor mindset, is the poor mindset gives up when there are obstacles and doesn’t believe their miracle will come right after the pain. A poor mindset can cause you to miss out on manifesting abundance and money. Why? A woman with a rich mindset takes advantage of EVERY little opportunity that comes her way.

A RichGirl is ready to grow and isn’t afraid of struggle, pain, and sacrifice. She is confident and has faith that her HARDWORK will take her to the next level. RichGirls take their pain and use it to make them stronger. She isn’t a victim. Her failures and mistakes make her wiser and motivates her to continue chasing after every single desire in her heart.

There are four elements to develop a rich mindset. It all starts with developing a healthy mindset by working on your confidence. Then, you can ensure you are teachable and have a growth mindset. When you have a growth mindset you are ready to learn daily and grow in every area, even when it’s painful.

4 Tips To Master Your Mindset:


I like what I see when I’m looking at me, When I’m walking past the mirror.” -Mary J. Blige 

As God’s beautiful creation/masterpiece it’s funny how we find at least 5 things that’s “wrong” with us in order to ironically feel good about ourselves. What I mean by that is ( and I’m guilty of this too) we’ve all left the house feeling like we look ‘just okay’ but, some how that’s the same day we receive the most compliments. We can’t just accept “you look cute today”, no, we have to first look at the person like they are crazy, question what they are seeing and explain why we don’t look “cute” and then reject the compliment.

Of course we go back and forth with this person for like 7 mins until we give in and say “fine, ok, if you say so.” Now my question to us is, why did we have to go through all of that instead of just immediately believing that that person wasn’t lying? What if we actually do look cute but it’s our inner perspective of ourself that’s tainting our judgement?

Just because we’re not “perfect” doesn’t mean that God didn’t know what He was doing when He formed us in our mother’s womb(s). We lack inner confidence because we don’t know ourselves. We haven’t spent enough time with ourselves to actually notice and appreciate we are really fearfully and wonderfully made.

I know Beyoncé told us she woke up flawless and occasionally we may have the courage to believe that about ourselves but we all know we ALL have flaws (yes, including Beyoncé). I want to emphasize, the reason why she can make such claims is because she knows even with her flaws and all she still carries a great amount of inner confidence.

We all need to get to a place where we recognize our imperfections but at the same time don’t let them slow us down or stop us from believing we are worth recognition and praise. Embracing who you are behind closed doors, learning to love you inspite of missing puzzle pieces (‘cause trust me, most of us don’t have our lives ‘together’) and being real is the first step in being a #RichGirl.

Being a RichGirl isn’t just about money. It’s mainly about confidence, your mindset and lifestyle. One definition for rich is: plentiful; abundant. Before we attract money let’s build up plenty of confidence, integrity, discipline, wisdom and character. At the end of the day it’s your soul that matters more than the dream. 


Your mind is a powerful element. Your mind’s perception can lead you astray or lead you right to destiny and purpose. Some people frown up on or are intimidated by people that are strong minded but that’s because they themselves lack courage and strength.

To thrive in a ruthless dog-eat-dog world you have to be a person who is not easily influenced by others and remain steadfast. Having the proper mindset is essential in order to truly be a RichGirl. Your mindset can elevate or hinder you. What you feed your mind overflows to how you think about yourself, others and life in general. A nourished mind creates healthy thinking habits.

Building a strong mind doesn’t happen over night but as you intentionally choose to exercise self control & will-power, the mind gradually becomes “solid as a rock.” Nothing will be able to break you or have enough power to derail you from your destiny/destination. The weakest person on the playground never gets picked first, they’re ALWAYS last. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be in the “last” position. I want to be the first person ‘they’ think of when an opportunity comes up because they can trust that I’m mentally stable and capable of handling a “big girl” job.

Having a strong mind is freeing. It allows you to NOT settle and break out of your boring existence and enter into a world full of possibilities. Even further, when challenges arise, you won’t runaway from it. You’ll have great amount of energy and stamina to resolve the issue without being robbed of your inner strength. Being strong-minded means to be honest with yourself too. Self-reflection leads to happiness.

Take the time out to evaluate what makes your life better from what doesn’t. Usually the things that improve our way of living are the things that also make us scared. It may cost you everything a.k.a leaving your comfort zone. From one RichGirl to another (pretend I’m looking deep pass your eyes into your soul) I’m encouraging you to do it even with the feeling of fear.

Us humans are never enthusiastic about the unknown but with a strong mind you’ll still thrive and grow in new territories. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua‬ ‭1:9‬ ‭NIV‬‬. You just have to set up the proper boundaries and stay true to your values and be open-minded to God through the necessary process.


One thing that I wish I knew from early on is the power of solid work ethic. They don’t teach you in school the nitty gritty of what it takes to really be successful. They just kinda hope you catch on and use common sense throughout the journey of life.

No wonder my generation called ‘millennials’ have a sickening desire for instant gratification. We literally keep missing the most vital part of the entire picture. You have to put in work in order for things to work. Marriage, business, your health, school etc. Our down fall is we get caught up in the “fear of missing out” so we try to do and get every now.

People don’t just get successful over night and we should all know that by now, life ain’t easy and dreams aren’t just handed to us. We have to rewire our minds to believe that there are stages and accomplishments to this game. If you can’t accomplish simple stages like making the bed or being disciplined enough to not eat those cookies you’ll never be able to accomplish running a successful multimillion dollar company successfully.

Since we know better now, now is the time to put on our boots and hard hats because to build an empire the foundation has to be unbreakable. Sky scrapers take time to build. You can’t rush it or cut corners. You have to be committed, patient, realistic and diligent. It’s time for new habits. Period. The ones that’ll enhance financial freedom and help you accomplish all your goals.

If you’re ready to be a #RichGirl and get to work, I’ve listed below 20 healthy habits affluential people do that regular-minded people don’t.  

  1. Get up early.
  2. Research  (“I spend an hour, usually after dinner, reading about my industry, related industries, current events and pop culture.”) 
  3. Center your thoughts.
  4. Exercise
  5. Spend time with people who inspire you (don’t waste time with people)
  6. Pursue your goals
  7. Sleep Enough 
  8. Put down the phone! (Use time to meditate, reflect.)
  9. Prioritize (write out your top 3 goals of the day and accomplish those.)
  10. Keep organized – (time management, punctuality, plan out day/week/month.)
  11. Pay attention to details. (Refuse to cut any corners / think like a customer)
  12. Take Initiative.
  13. Play music- influence the vibe (work mode) 
  14. Leave your pride behind. (There’s always room for improvement. You don’t have to wait for others to tell you what you need to improve on because you are constantly open minded about change and bettering yourself. Ok, but don’t be prideful if someone does give you constructive criticism or a loving correction.)
  15. Never give up 
  16. Be enthusiastic to learn (listen, be a team player)
  17. Keep work life balance 
  18. Daily affirmations– Write down your gratitude.
  19. Work with purpose & conviction 
  20. Say “No” to a Lot of Things

(“Oftentimes, we confuse openness to opportunities with saying “Yes” to as much as possible. We are grabbing whatever is coming our way, just to find ourselves stretched when something we really want shows up.”)


What you BELIEVE about yourself, others, your gifts and talents and your future will keep you going every time disappointments comes. Having strong Faith builds perseverance and in order to manifest the results you are hoping to see, you have to stay committed during the process.

Furthermore, once you truely believe your life has purpose and that every gift, talent and Godly-desire was given to you for a reason, then you become sensitive to the “weight” of them and steward them better. Being intentional about who you spend your time with. How you spend your time. Who you share your dreams and goals with. Why you pursue certain relationships.

All these are important to pay attention to because it all ties in with your purpose and the future you are believing to have. God said he has planned a great future for us, one that gives us hope and allows us to be prosperous. If you want what God has planned, you CAN NOT afford to waste time with lazy or negative people. You have to trust that once you let go of toxic habits, you are making room for a productive and fulfilling future.

Preparation before the flood comes (referring to Noah’s Arch, a story in the Bible) is what’s going to save us. Literally. When you’re believing for better, it requires action now. Noah didn’t build the arc the day before the flood (He built it 100 years before). God told him “Build yourself a ship from teakwood. Make rooms in it. Coat it with pitch inside and out. Make it 450 feet long, seventy-five feet wide, and forty-five feet high. Build a roof for it and put in a window eighteen inches from the top; put in a door on the side of the ship; and make three decks, lower, middle, and upper.” Genesis‬ ‭6:14-16‬ ‭MSG‬‬. God was very specific.

Noah obeyed God & did what he was instructed. He kept trusting God throughout the process until the flood finally came. Having Faith is trusting the timing, no matter how long your preparation season takes. You can’t build a house on sinking sand and not expect it to come crumbling down when the tides get high. Instant gratification is not better than longevity.

Some people will tell themselves “It takes too long” to do the very things that’ll cause them to live out purpose for a long time. “We want everything now!” “A nice bank account, nice house, nice family, nice career, I don’t care , I want it all now!” But will they last? Will they remain when other generations start to come up? Will it give you even more stress than before you had it ‘cause you cut corners and decided to build the house in your own strength?” These are important topics to discuss with yourself. It’s not worth gaining the whole world but loosing your soul , integrity, good character and honorable legacy. You have to always count your cost.

Exercising self-control will allow you to not be impulsive and envious of things. No one NEEDS anything except for what God already has planned for them. You don’t want to be that person who has the latest of everything just so you can look cool and accepted by the “cool kids”. Your validation comes from God. Your time will come when he promotes you to have all that he has planned without unnecessary burden.

Will you remain faithful? No matter what, never give up on yourself, your dreams and God. All things are possible. Just keep preparing and have faith. 

Remember, growth starts with BELIEVING you’re rich! A woman with a rich mindset creates healthy habits to confidently seek avenues for abundance & money.

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