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GIRL! Queen Najia lyrics are jam packed with confidence affirmations! I’ll break down the song for you so you can ELEVATE your rich mindset! These listed confidence affirmations are enough reason that every girl should listen to Queen Naija’s Bitter!

If there was ever a time to encourage yourself, believe in your dreams, and boss up it’s definitely NOW. We have all been experiencing one of the most hardest and traumatic year of our lives. None of us saw 2020 happening the way it has played out and we sure didn’t expect to still be in this hot mess in November! 

Needless to say 2020 has SLOWED US ALL THE WAY DOWN! In all the pain, heartbreak, confusion, fight and chaos, 2020 has given us opportunities to rethink, revise, dream again, build perseverance and hone in on what we really want out of life. Everyone has handled and coped with our own circumstances differently.

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Elements are still trying to divide us but we keep fighting our way back to togetherness. 

And as we continue our recovery process, I wrote this article to encourage every girl to finish out this fourth quarter strong. Work on destroying self-hate, fulfill our dreams and start our #RichGirl season. Let’s get back to the vision we saw ourselves living out in 2020. At the beginning of the year we told ourselves “this year is my year”, and believe it or not, even with 55 days left, we can still make 2020 the biggest turn-around year. So let’s get in work mode ‘cause it’s time to be a #RichGirl. 

First things first – we have to set the mood right, create the atmosphere we will thrive in and start dominating! Queen Naija just dropped her debut album on October 30, 2020 (girllll THANK YOU for saving the year!) Your album was instant inspiration & motivation. I can relate to these songs on SO MANY levels you wouldn’t even believe. Your lyrics in “Bitter” in particular just shifted my atmosphere. As soon as the lyrics hit my soul I immediately had to spread the love and encouragement to others. So, thank you Queen! 

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Okay, so ladies! ‘Bitter’ from Queen’s Missunderstood album is how we are going to begin our glow up from the inside out! By 2021, with all the preparations we are starting now, #RichGirl season will be well underway. Queen’s lyrics encourages us to put our self first and really know our worth. Honestly, it’s the time it took me to grow & get ‘here’ for me. We can’t afford to go back and we have to do all that’s necessary to protect our growth. 

Moving forward, if you gotta write it down on a sticky note and stick it to your windshield, bathroom mirror or closet door, make sure you are seeing and mostly repeating:

“I can’t be triggered by someone who don’t know my worth.”

In your RichGirl season you can’t be pressed or distracted by people who don’t have the same vision as you or who have not yet elevated up to your rich mindset or level. Like-minded people are the only ones who will see the vision, see what it’s worth and help you get ‘there’. Everyone else needs to be put aside. 


RichGirls repeat after she! Queen comin’ thru with the boss babe, baddie lyrics.  Matter of fact “Alexa repeat ‘Bitter’ by Queen Naija.” Let me get into my confidence real quick ‘cause feelings ain’t gonna take me where I need to be. Write these down and stick them in different places throughout your room, your car, and your house so you can be constantly reminded: 

“Good cake too sweet to be bitter.”

“Life’s good when you get your own bag.”

“I could stay home in my feelings but you know.”

“Pretty girl with a hustle is a winner.” 

 “Stayin’ focused on the queen in the mirror.”

“Croppin’ all the lame niggas out the picture.”

Okay, PERIOD!  

So to end our fourth quarter strong, our ONLY focus is to keep telling ourselves, our doubts, our unbelief that “it’s me against me.” Queen said it best “My only competition when I’m lookin’ in the mirror.” Those words may sound like a cliche now because we hear it so much over the past few years but, it’s still powerful! Social media is still unbalanced and we all consciously or subconsciously have fallen into the comparison game especially at our weakest.

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I don’t care what I see, or who got what, my only priority is to keep up with me. Period.

Who died and made the Jones’ the standard!? Comparison kills progress and I refuse to let it kill my dreams. We still have time in 2020 to chase our dreams, make a couple of bags, create our own opportunities and live out what we see! The year is not over, so the vision ain’t complete. 

#RichGirl are you ready to be who you always wanted to be!? 

There’s no better time than NOW! 

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  1. Yasss!! I took this piece of advice to go: “Stayin’ focused on the queen in the mirror.”

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