BOMBShell Brown Smokey Eye| Step by Step Tutorial

Ready to be a BOMBshell?! This step by step brown smokey eye makeup look is a tutorial for women who want to highlight their natural beauty and still turn heads.

This brown makeup look can be used on multiple different tones. I am a light-skinned black woman so this is a natural makeup look for light brown skin. However, this makeup look can be used on all skin tones (Indian skin, black skin, olive undertones, etc.) Just adjust the shades of makeup to your unique tone.

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Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial Video:

26 Step by Step Instructions:

1. Prep the skin by using a face moisturizer. For this look I used my Belif True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

2. Prep your eyes with a hydrating eye cream. I used my Ole Hendrickson Banana Bright Eye Moisturizer  OR the Bright Eye Creme. Use your ring finger to gently rubbing cream in . On problem/dark circle area/entire eye.

3. Prime your skin. For this look I used my Smash Box Photo Finish Primer Water Set & Refresh Spray. A few inches from your face, in “x” motion. 

4. Highlight your eyebrow arch -using my elf brush I apply my Benefit “watts up” high lighting stick to highlight my arch.

5. I’m using the Morphe M573 brush to apply my upper transition peachy shade from the Morphe x Jacklyn Hill eyeshadow palette in small circular motions I spread the eyeshadow across my “bone” area in circular blending motion. 

6. Using the same Morphe brush and Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette I apply my middle reddish-brown [use screenshot pic] transitional color in my crease area right below my “bone” in order to create some depth to my eye shape. Make sure to be light handed when spreading the eyeshadow across, going back & forth// side to side in small circular motion.

7. Lid area – ColorPop shade Deep Dive– apply with fingers. It’s better to “build” this color so that it’ll be easier to blend out as you go. 

8. Eyeliner – NYX eye pencil crayon in Brown shade – OR ULTA slime eye pencil. Use the pencil to line the top lash line – bring line upward at the outer eye (kinda like a cat eye, just without extending the “wing”) to give the illusion that eyes are bigger (open) and almond shaped- smudged using double-sided Eco Tools eye shadow brush. Drag the liner back and forth to “smudge” the line. 

9. Face, Givenchy Full coverage Foundation shade applied with my Morphe M523 brush  with a light hand “buff” out foundation evenly all over face. Just keep blending! (in my Dory voice, lol).

10. NARS Soft Matt concealer shade Biscuit *application process // Elf concealer brush – apply under eye in upside down right angle triangle shape then lightly blend out , try not to press too hard our you’ll leave brush stroke/ brisel  marks  on your face. If you decide to use a sponge, press lightly so the sponge doesn’t grab the product and you loose the brightness under your eye.

11. Put concealer on middle of forehead *in half star shape* using same brush and concealer, blend.

12. Set concealer – Fenty Translucent powder  shade Butter. Press (on the flat side of the brush) the power on top of the area you applied your concealer then Tap then gently sweep off excess powder. Brush used in video Elf tapered brush.

13. Press the same Elf tampered brush translucent powder in other problematic areas (i.e., smile line, nose corner, nose bridge, chin & under jaw bone??) then tap to set it so it doesn’t move throughout the day. Lightly sweep off // *away the excess powder. ** tip/trick – If you have a slightly darker translucent powder shade, use it in the example areas listed above so that you don’t have a white “shadow effect”. Typically a lighter translucent power shade is used ONLY under the eye to give it a bright & awake look”. 

14. BH cosmetics contour palette & elf angled brush. I’m using circular motions, spread product across hairline and blend it down toward the middle of your forehead , creating a semi moon shape. 

15. Then contour your jaw done at an angle. Stop half way between the corner of your lips and top of your ear. Then blend product upward in buffing motions.

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16. Going back to the eyes, using the same Eco Tool double brush. With the smudge brush end, apply the brown shade we used for our middle transitional shade, on the lower lash line. Starting from the outer area dragging the eyeshadow to the inner tear duct. Then use other side of Eco Tool brush to soften and blend out the eye shadow, lightly sweep brush back & forth under your eye. 

17. To add a pop of shimmer to the inner tear duct, use your favorite highlighter. For this look I’m using my benefit watts up stick highlighter again. It’s shimmery but subtle at the same time! That’s why I love it. It give a nice natural glow. 

18. Now shifting back to the face, I’m using my super bomb Fenty Match stick highlight in the shade Champane Hiest to highlight my cheek bone. It’s pretty pigmented so to kind of diffuse the glow, I gently rubbed my index finger tips on the Match stick then lightly tapped the bone area bringing the product down half way. 

19. I also used the same product to highlight the bridge of my nose and the tip of my nose.

20. Next, I used the Eco tool Double ended brush to contour my nose. The “contour”  powder I’m using for today’s look is actually my ***Milani eyebrow because it’s a perfect brown shade that cast the perfect “shadowing” effect due to its gray “undertone”. 

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21. Blush Wet & wild shade Pinch Me Pink . To apply the product I tap my Real Techniques blush brush OR  lightly on the apple of my cheeks while smiling. Tap backwards towards the ear but try not to *mess up the contour and highlighted area*

22. I must admit i got too carried away, as I always do because I’m EXTRA. But I went back to add a pop of gold to the middle of my eyes so it can look more open. So if you’d like to follow this step. I applied a tiny tiny amount of Mac pigment glitter in the middle of my eye lids.

23. Apply mascara in rainbow motion. Maybelline flasies express hydration mascara. While mascara drys…

24. Apply lipstick, here I’m using my Mac cosmetics retro matte lipstick in the shade Runway Hit for the base and Taupe matte lipstick for the overlay. 

25. Put on your favorite falsies! I used my favorite natural lashes today by… Sephora collection “Plume” luxe false lash, Velour lash glue, Danielle precision tip tweezers (Off camera). 

26. Finish off the look with a setting spray. Here, you see me using the same Smash Box Photo Finish Primer Water Set & Refresh Spray that I used in the beginning of the tutorial! You literally can’t go wrong with this spray! Just make sure to spray it in a X motion, a few distance from your face! Then “WALLA” you’re all set ( lol pun intended) and ready to go! 

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