21 Songs to Let Go & Trust God!

Let Go and Let God!

When pain is more familiar than hope, when there’s a glimpse of a little light we get easily angry and agitated. The “struggle” is comforting. We feel more at home in this house of pain & darkness than outside where there’s light and freedom. 

There’s no way out from the depths, no one there to save us. Too prideful to get comfort from anyone else, everything we turn to & try doesn’t even have a quarter of power to fill us. 

We’re empty.

The circle of life becomes too draining, too exhausting to fight. Thoughts of disappearing running over and over through our mind. I don’t even want to be here. I didn’t even ask for this. 

The little word help screams from within. “I’m sorry” you tell your soul, ‘cause you kinda know where it might be heading. Permanent darkness, the place of sin.

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Restless nights, sleep walking, no strength to get pass the foot of the bed, so you hop back in. Pull the covers over your head, *starts* mentally sinking. Believing the lies, drilling them over and over again on the walls of your mind. Then, “is this it for me?” you ask, “Can I actually ever bounce back from this?” 

Let’s try one more time. The screams of help signals to the Devine. Pour out your power in me. Give strength to my spine. I must stand again, I need to climb out of this broken place up into the highs. 

Letting Go and Trusting God verse: “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.” –Psalm 34:17

You told me you’ll never leave me. You told me not to be afraid. You said at my weakness your strength is my anchor, you hold me together over & over again. You’ve been siting here with me whispering and planting seeds of truth and new possibilities. You sing over me, you’ve dance next to me, you’ve prayed the prayer of love and keep asking me to believe. 

This pain doesn’t go unnoticed, you’ve kept all my tears. You listened to all the disappointments that has trapped me throughout the years. You stayed, you waited, you corrected my perspective. 

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

Dry bones get back up, broken heart heal back up, twisted mind straighten up, cloudy soul clear up. Pain can’t win, you can’t let it.

Admit your hurts and then forgive them. Hand it over, he can fix it. I know it’s more familiar to you, but so is Heaven. You just can’t remember right now but think real hard. It was you and God in a bliss from the very start. You are missed. Heaven wants you back home. Healthy in mind, body, spirit and soul. He has come to carry you home. Just Relax and let Him. 

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21 Songs to Let Go and Let God:

Letting go and trusting God can be the hardest thing when you are feeling pain. Many people fail to realize what it means to let go and trust God. When you allow yourself to be weak and admit you don’t know how to solve a problem you will understand the true meaning of “Let go and let God!”

I made this playlist to help you relax and let go of whatever is causing your pain. If you just let God help you, it will all be better. I hope you enjoy this play list.

Just let Him help you : play list 

1. Everything to you- bethel 

2. With you -Elevation worship

3. How beautiful

4. There is no striving 

5. Abba 

6. Palm of your hand 

7. Glory and wonder 

8. Respond 

9. Don’t miss a thing 

10. Design- UPPERROOM 

11. Holding on to me 

12. You hold it all together 

13. No one cares for me like Jesus 

14. The story I’ll tell 

15. More to me 

16. Steffany pray 

17. King of my heart 

18. Morning Song

19. You came 

20. Defender 

21. In the river 

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