Easy Natural Eyeshadow Look | Step by Step Tutorial

easy brown makeup tutorial

Do you like this easy natural eyeshadow look?

Ready to look like a Rich Girl? Let me show you how to add just enough eyeshadow and makeup to let your brown skin melanin POP with this natural makeup look!

Just adjust the natural tones to fit your skin complexion. Want help understanding how to tell what type of makeup matches your unique tone? Sign up for a consultation session with me in-person or on zoom (BOOK ME!!). Let me help you identify the perfect fit for your unique tone, features, and personality. Or, click here to find dark skin natural makeup products that match you perfectly.

Natural Makeup Look for Brown Skin Beauties:

Let me show you in this step by step tutorial how to add just enough makeup to let your brown skin melanin pop with this easy natural eyeshadow makeup look!

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Natural Makeup Look for Black Girls:

Have dark skin or light brown skin? I got you covered either way.

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