11 Self-Discovery Prompts | Find Yourself Again!

Lately, I’ve been constantly wondering “how did I even get here”? So far gone, so lost, unrecognizable. Who is this person I’ve become that I do not know (And not in a good way either).

Have you ever felt that you were retracing your steps to find the LOST or FORGOTTEN pieces of yourself? Or, have you started researching how to find yourself again?

When you start to say things like “Back then, I had such high hopes” or “I was so carefree” or “I used to be so happy” that’s a clear indication that you can’t stay where you are (mentally) and settle for who you’ve become. You must dig deep to find back that once vibrant soul of yours. 

She’s still there! And the reason you clicked on this article is so you can retrace your steps to find her. Below I’ve typed out some self-discovery questions that I needed to ask myself (self-reflection) in order to find back my better self. Are you ready for personal growth? Then, I hope they help you rediscover YOU as you answer them honestly. 

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11 Journal Questions to Find Your Vibrant Self:

1.Who did I allow into my inner circle that started draining me of my joy? 

2.Why did I stop doing what I love? 

3.Why did I start making excuses?  (And please don’t say because “I’m an adult”. Being an adult doesn’t disqualify you from living in joy or having a balanced life. That’s childish to think that way.)

4.Can I take at least 20 mins to be HER today? (Take time out for you. To feel like yourself for at least 20mins. Your kids, spouse, job, everything else is tugging on you and demanding your time. “She’s” tugging on you too, begging you for time. Don’t neglect yourself. Paint, ride your bike, meet up with inspirational friends, write (journal), watch your favorite movie again, dance in front of the mirror, bake. Give yourself permission to shine for at least 20 mins. AT LEAST.) 

5.Who haven’t I forgiven? What’s causing me to be bitter instead of better? 

6. When did I notice that I started to change/ walk away from ME? (Did you get caught up in the wrong relationship that sucked the life out of you? Because most of us have been there. It’s taking some of us a longer time to recover. But now that we know that bad relationship or friendship tore us down, We owe it to ourselves to build ourselves back up. The goal is to always be better and stronger than before. Wiser too!) 

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7.What’s something that brings me joy when I think about it but I’m not actively pursuing it? (Thrift? Traveling? Working on my dreams/business? Learning how to dance, act sing? Talking to a best friend for 2 hours and laughing about nothing & everything?) 

8.When was the last time I laughed? Or cried? Am I crying more than I’m laughing? If yes, why? 

9.What can I do right now for myself to help me bounce back? 

10.What pieces of myself do I want to trade in? What pieces of me am I proud to keep? 

11.When was the last time I allowed myself to be child-like? 

Let’s not settle for the lesser version of ourselves. I dear us to dig deep and find the real us, the joyful and content woman we used to know and love and BE. Let’s get back to BEING. 

You owe it to yourself to enjoy who you are. To thrive in YOUR life. #RichGirls don’t settle, we only welcome the best. We can’t afford to be anyone else except our best selves! 

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