44 Mantras to Remove Negative Affirmations!

Writing these positive affirmations to myself during the lowest time of my life helped me remember the truth about God and that he can really sustain especially when I’m feeling extremely weak. Every time a lie popped into my head about myself or God I wrote the opposite of the lie in an affirmation form and chose to believe what I wrote down instead.

In addition, I realize how powerful affirmations were when I received a pack from a good friend of mine. It helped my spirit and mind to believe in truth again. They were uplifting encouragements I needed to hear, instead of those loud toxic thoughts and lies that replayed over and over in my head. Those original cards, I received from her helped me to get out of my head and eventually lead me to write my own affirmations for where I was mentally and emotionally at the time. 

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Are you feeling broken, unloved, and at rock bottom?

If you’re feeling broken, unloved and at the end of your rope these affirmations could help you get back in alignment with what God has for you in your future and what he sings over you day and night. During this pandemic, we’ve experienced so much changes. It’s all too much and not to mention super confusing.

If you feel stuck and tangled up in the chaos and far away from happiness and hope, I know how you feel and during my most painful experience recently these were the affirmations I was able to squeeze out of my heart to help me feel alive again. I truly hope when you read and re-read these, that the burden and weight that sits on your heart and on your shoulders will start to evaporate as peace starts to enter into those places of worry and anxiety.

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Rewire your negative thoughts!

Reread these helpful and truthful affirmations when you start to feel burned out, fearful of the future, and exhausted from figuring out life in your own strength. These will remind you to lean more on God and let go of fear of the unknown. Right now it seems very dark but God is still with you, holding you and healing your wounds. As you let him love on you, you will see yourself feeling and getting better again. 

44 Mantra to Remove Negative Affirmations:

A mantra is simply a statement that you repeat to remove negative mindsets. Repeating statements is a healthy psychological practice called self-talk. Are you speaking negatively or positively to yourself? If you catch that it’s negative, it’s important to train your brain to say positive affirmations. Use these mantras to jumpstart positive and hope filled thoughts!

I am not afraid.

I always trust God.

I believe that God has everything I need.

I know that God always makes a way.

I know by History God has never nor will He ever let me down.

I know deep down it’s ok to let Go & let God.

I  know my peace, Joy & contentment comes from Only Christ.

I am loved on lavishly by my King Jesus, Lover of my soul. 

I  love taking time out to just remember & be in Christ. 

Life does not scare me.

People do not scare me.

Hope fills the rooms of my heart.

I know for certain that my dreams will soon come true.

I know for certain all I ever wanted I will soon get. 

God has answered all my prayers. ALL.


To live is to abide in Christ. 

To live well is to Trust in Christ. 

Love does not scare me.

I am not afraid to be in love.

I am wise and I choose wisely.

Failure does not scare me.

I love change. 

I love adventure.

I am not boring. Vibrancy is my flavor.

I respect myself.

I believe in who God created me to be.

I believe in my talents and my gifts.

I am happy.

I am satisfied.

I know the best is yet to come.

I feel The Best is coming. It is on it’s way.

I am not impatient.

I do not mind waiting on the Lord.

I believe in His perfect timing.

I know that I am blessed.

I know that God’s grace is upon me.

I  know I am protected and well cared for.

I know how to relax.

I enjoy God.

I enjoy God’s ways.

I love to do things God’s way.

I am all in with God.

I am in love with God. 

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