How To Develop A Healthy Mindset!

We all have things tucked and buried away that we try to ignore but from time to time they usually find their way back to the surface. Deep down we know we need to eventually get rid of these “things.” However, we may fear letting these “things” go because we will be loosing apart of ourselves. It’s not hard because those things make us better, it’s hard because we know those are the things “that made us who we are today” or “made us stronger” which makes it difficult to leave them behind.

The “things” I’m referring to are toxic “crutches”. 

We think if we hold on tightly to the “pain” and these “lessons”they will help keep us in check & we won’t have to go through the same problems or trauma again. I’m writing to tell you that’s the wrong perspective. If you hold on to these “lessons” and “traumas” a.k.a  old way of surviving then you’ll never be your best and free self. 

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#1 Learn to deal with pain in a healthy way.

When you find yourself in the middle of a cross roads and you’re feeling deep inside that it’s time to level up and at the same time you feel like your traumas you had tucked away are starting to expose themselves again, that means God is telling you you’re still on crutches. You got comfortable with those crutches but now, in the beginning stages of your new season, you’re going to have to choose between letting old ways go or leaning fully on Him. Where He is wanting to elevate and take you, those crutches will be a major hindrance. He needs your back bone to be strong and fully dependent upon Him. 

The longer you refuse to bring your brokenness to Him, the longer you will remain broken and on the same level. You’ll always feel that tug of war in your spirit & mind and you’ll always feel like “why isn’t my life going anywhere or getting any better.” I understand that we all have different up bringing and we’ve all experienced different circumstances that “shaped” us and rearranged our thinking throughout our lifetime. Those thoughts were created during a painful period.

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#2 Let go of the past to embrace the next level!

It’s obvious when we are hurt we forge a protective system and immediately put back up a wall. And we make sure it’s even higher than the first wall that got broken down to begin with. We are so determined to build the highest wall around our heart and soul that we forget to remember we need to stay vulnerable and transparent with God. We need to stay in constant communication with Him about our life issues so he can heal and fix all the disappointments piled up in our hearts. 

We are created vulnerable and transparent beings. Why do you think Adam & Eve was naked in the garden? God desires vulnerability transparency. He never wants us to feel ashamed to come to Him to pour out all our heart, mind and soul. 

Things we’ve learned from our parents, society, friends and in general life aren’t sustainable and sufficient for our entire journey. Eventually we grow out of things, learn new things, new ways of thinking & processing. We learn to get better and smarter. Every level requires you to let go of something so you can gain new things. Everything from “back then” or even the “good ol’ days” cannot come to the next level. God is creating and wanting to give you “better days”. 

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#3 You need strength and stamina!

When you are on crutches you are unable to move with ease. Every step is slow and most times you’re feeling frustrated because in a sense you’re handicap! You can’t enter the next level in your life broken or handicap! The next level requires stamina and strength. No more excuses! You have to be resilient. And we all know that walking with crutches doesn’t represent any of those things. 

If you are currently asking God to help you boss up & become a RICHGIRL it’s time to let go of the things you thought were helping to hold you up. If God isn’t the one holding you up you are not going to reach very far and eventually you will fall apart again into pieces. Growth can be very painful mentally, physically and emotionally but the outcome is rewarding. Staying where you are is very painful mentally, physically and emotionally and the outcome is unfulfilling. It’s a dead end road.

RICHGIRL which outcome will you choose? Only one of them leads to LIFE.  If you want to accomplish your goals and healthy mindset habits it is of great importance that you develop a game plan to declutter your mind with these 4 Tips To Develop A Rich Mindset !

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