4 Reasons Why Money Can’t Buy You Happiness!

What’s more valuable than money? We work so hard for financial “freedom”, build our business with sweat and a whole bunch of tears just to get to a place of living comfortably and affluence. However, the climb costs us everything especially the things money can’t afford.

1. Money can’t remove negative emotions.

Who are we independent of money or the chase after money and material things? Who ARE we without the desire to have a ton of money? How would we perceive life if there wasn’t an American dream to obtain? If we didn’t know that fancy cars, the luxurious lifestyle or mansions existed? What else would we be spending our time working towards? We spend so much time chasing financial freedom only to still be locked up mentally because we neglect internal freedom. 

Life has to follow a certain order because God said so and because He orchestrated it that way. God gives us the blue print that the most important and most valuable procession is Him. He sets it up this way because he knows once your end all be all starts and ends with him, you’ve truely obtain real freedom.

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2. God said we find true happiness when we focus on him.

 Separate from society’s standard of what qualifies as freedom. God tells us the secret to our success, “seek first the kingdom”. Life on earth, everything on earth response to what God says first. What’s happening in heaven first. For example. When we experience and internal shift within our being we see things differently on the outside and because of this shift on the inside, the outside has to reflect and follow suit what’s happening internally. 

We are a vessel for God’s kingdom. When has Heaven not come to earth following an internal spiritual shifting? The atmosphere always has to obey God when he tells it to move. Every time I’ve taken time to realign and recenter myself internally, Heaven always pours over to the outside of me and demand all my circumstances to change and shift. Doors starts opening and/or favor starts pouring in. God said “seek ye first the kingdom of God and all it’s righteousness then all other things will be added on to you.” Matthew 6:33.

He’s giving us insight on the most valuable knowledge on how to live life. That verse is a crash course on life. It’s life 101. What’s the first step to living? Seeking God and his kingdom. Learning what is considered right/ righteous to Him. Most people feel like when they get rich then their lives will really start. Life actually starts when you seek God first. 

3. The journey is about finding self, not money.

The reason why it’s the first step is because YOU find and know your real self and your purpose in God. Seeking his kingdom gives you insight on how he runs things, how things work and come together in harmony. It builds trust. The kingdom is His true reflection, a portfolio of his undefiled work. He desires to show you His way of doing things because it reaps the best results. Heaven lacks nothing, everything is in abundance because He is the provider. He gives us more than enough. 

People have money but lack character and ethical morals or standards. The world does a great job of making materials things look like it’s the ultimate goal to obtain. Yet we’ve all heard by now, even from Beyoncé herself “money doesn’t make me happy”. When you have a certain amount of money it usually comes with a certain amount of influence and power. However, we see millionaires commit suicide or their lives fall apart right before their eyes. Unfortunately for them, no amount of funds can hold it together.

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Studying and learning the kingdom of God gives you the upper hand in life. It’s incomparable to even someone who was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. There are far more valuable things to learn about yourself, your God and life itself. Money is not a problem for God, that’s his least concern. Pay attention to what God is emphasizing that we learn as humans.

In Col 3:2, Peter tells us to focus mainly on things above. He is more invested in you learning how kingdom operates so you can practice on earth for when you go back home to Heaven. You’ll get a head start on the currency that actually matters in Heaven because you are already implementing kingdom currency on earth. As a result you’ll automatically get more bang for you buck in this earthly life time. To get caught up on what earth has to offer when it’s fleeting so quickly is an injustice to truely living. 

4. You can’t find peace, love, and joy at the store.

The most valuable things that money can’t even afford is peace, joy, character, hope, strength, consideration, perseverance, clean spirit, pure soul, unconditional love and a heart of gold. These are the things that will contribute to your happiness once you have them. They are not material, they are internal and no one can ever steal these possessions away from you.

In Matthew 6:19-20 it tells us “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Money is for sure extremely helpful in certain situations but pure connections, being resilient, being disciplined, being polite, your over all emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health, loving yourself and others well is far richer than money. Once again I ask, what’s more valuable than money?

Taking responsibility for your happiness is possible when you develop a healthy mindset and learn to love yourself.

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